In Memoriam - Julia King

Julia King
30 April 1958 – 19 September 2019

With great sadness we announce the death on September 19 of Julia King. She was a founding trustee of TKC’s original charitable trust and willingly gave her time and expertise for many years. She brought calmness and wisdom, and wrote minutes of great clarity. On stepping down from her trusteeship, behind the scenes she continued to be one of the quiet, utterly loyal rocks without which an orchestra such as TKC would find functioning so much more difficult.

Warm-hearted, utterly committed to whatever task she took on, Julia was also a generous host and a wonderful cook, a mad-keen cyclist, a well-qualified and experienced sailor, a really hands-on and dogged chairman of school governors, a precise journalist, an experienced bell-ringer, a proof reader who could spot a grammo in a dense page of A4 in milliseconds, and much more.

Music was central to her life, and – a fine singer from her Cambridge days – she was a stalwart of high-end chamber choirs across East Anglia. She also was mother to three splendid children, and a devoted wife to Nick. At times eccentric, not least of all in her determination to save electricity at all costs, those traits simply made her all the more adorable. Her determination also led her to fight cancer (and a host of increasingly horrid spin-offs) with astonishing strength and longevity, confounding the medics, until finally her body could take no more.

So many people from such varied walks of life will miss Julia terribly. But all of us carry numerous happy memories, and her effervescent, indomitable spirit lives on.

Requiescat in pace. And, Julia, thank you so much.