Hyperion Helios CDH 55241Cover

DOWLAND and others: Awake, sweet Love

Hyperion Helios CDH 55241

Dowland Can she excuse : Flow my tears : A Fancy : Sorrow stay : Queen Elizabeth her Galliard Go nightly cares : Now, o now : Preludium : A Fantasie : Say love if ever : The Frog Galliard Awake sweet love : Tell me true love Campion Author of light : Oft have I sighed Anon Come, tread the paths : In terrors trapp'd Ford Since first I saw your face Johnson Eliza is the fairest queen Danyel Eyes look no more : I die when as I do not see : Thou pretty bird Ferrabosco Pavin

  • countertenorJames Bowman
  • lutesDavid Miller
  • orchestraConsort of Viols of The King's Consort