Hyperion CDA 66797 Cover

HANDEL: English Arias

Hyperion CDA 66797

Yet can I hear that dulcet lay (Choice of Hercules) : How can I stay (Esther) : O fairest of ten thousand fair (Saul) : Great God, who yet but darkly known (Belshazzar) : The raptured soul (Theodora) : Father of heaven (Judas Maccabaeus) : Oh Lord, whose mercies numberless (Saul) : What though I trace (Solomon) : Overture (Esther) : Martial Symphony and Destructive War (Belshazzar) : Welcome as the dawn of day (Solomon) : Kind heaven (Theodora) : Almighty power (Solomon) : Tune your harps (Haman and Mordecai)

  • countertenorJames Bowman
  • orchestraThe King's Consort
  • conductorRobert King